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Why Bank With Us

We are not a branch of a large corporate conglomerate.  We are a privately owned and operated community bank committed to the long-term success of west-central Illinois.

Customers Are Number One.  At F&M Bank, the customer is our number one priority.  Your decision to bank with us is one that we value and take seriously.

Immediate and timely responses to your requests.
Complete and total access to banking officers and employees.
Multiple locations in addition to the latest in bank technology to serve customers 24/7.
You will never have to call an 800 number for service at F&M.  The person on the other end of the phone is right here in our community.
Honesty and Integrity in Banking.  At F&M Bank, we have a banking team who works hard to exceed the expectations of our customers.  Our team of bankers have:

Experience in banking and the local market.
Management depth.
Local decisions with timely responses for customers.
Expertise in a broad range of businesses.
A long-term, consistent philosophy.

Whether you’re dealing with us in person, over the telephone, or online, we will provide you with a banking experience that you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s a place where you can find all the services of a big bank, while enjoying all the comforts of your neighborhood bank.  It’s the way we do business.