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Meet Our Officers

One of our biggest assets at F&M Bank is our staff. Our bank staff members interact with customers every day, working to solve their problems and help them find success. F&M Bank’s officers, in addition to working with customers, ensure the bank stays true to our commitment of helping our customers and community grow.

Take a moment to meet F&M Bank’s officers and put faces to names for the next time you visit us.

  • Douglas L. Sanders
    Douglas L. Sanders

    President and CEO
    309.343.0002 ext. 20603

  • Diana S. Whitson
    Diana S. Whitson

    Vice President
    Human Resources & Executive Administration
    309.343.0002 ext. 20633

  • Rhonda J. Houzenga
    Rhonda J. Houzenga

    Vice President
    Marketing & Public Relations
    309.343.0002 ext. 20607

Commercial Banking

  • J. Michael Holloway
    J. Michael Holloway

    Senior Vice President
    Senior Loan Officer
    309.343.0002 ext. 20608

  • Mike shane

    Vice President
    Agricultural Banking
    309.343.0002 ext. 20654

  • Trent D. Cox
    Trent D. Cox

    Vice President
    Commercial Banking Manager
    309.343.0002 ext. 20637

  • Annette P. Pickrel, CTP
    Annette P. Pickrel, CTP

    Cash Management Officer
    309.343.0002 ext. 20623

  • Jim Dieterich
    Jim Dieterich

    Small Business Specialist
    309.343.0002 ext. 20672

Client Services

  • Patricia L. Colwell
    Patricia L. Colwell

    Vice President
    Cashier and
    Client Services Manager
    309.343.0002 ext. 20634


Retail Banking

  • Christine Shultz
    Christine Shultz

    Vice President
    Retail Banking Manager
    309.343.0002 ext. 20635

  • Jeffrey H. Johnson
    Jeffrey H. Johnson

    Assistant Vice President
    Support Specialist
    309.343.0002 ext. 20620

  • Brenda K. Rupert
    Brenda K. Rupert

    Assistant Vice President
    Privilege Banking Coordinator
    309.343.0002 ext. 21662

  • Diana Allen
    Diana Allen

    Assistant Vice President
    Retail Banking
    309.343.0002 ext. 21509

Retail Lending

  • Shelley Perkins

    Assistant Vice President
    Consumer Loan Manager
    309.343.0002 ext. 20629

  • Karen M. Cabrera

    Assistant Vice President
    Knox County Mortgage Manager
    309.343.0002 ext. 20601

  • Liz Miller

    Residential Mortgage Loan Officer
    309.343.0002 ext. 20612

Trust & Investment Services

  • Jonathan D. Holthe

    Senior Vice President
    Senior Trust Officer
    309.343.0002 ext. 20605

  • Lori A. Hedden
    Lori A. Hedden

    Vice President
    Trust Officer
    309.343.0002 ext. 20610

  • Thomas J. Dunker
    Thomas J. Dunker

    Vice President
    Senior Wealth Advisor
    309.343.0002 ext. 21506

  • Adam Turner

    Assistant Vice President
    Wealth Advisor
    309.343.0002 ext. 21697

Peoria/Brimfield Market

  • Thomas D. Schlink

    Peoria Market President
    309.683.2881 ext. 23401

  • Erick Mueller
    Erick Mueller

    Vice President
    Commercial Lending
    Peoria Market
    309.683.2881 ext. 23402

  • Scott Weistart
    w. scott weistart

    Vice President
    Commercial Lending
    Brimfield & Peoria Market
    309.683.2881 ext. 23410

  • Richard Riggins
    Rick Riggins

    Peoria County
    Mortgage Manager
    309.683.2881 ext. 23406

  • Randy Weatherly


    Vice President
    Brimfield Market
    309.446.3344 ext. 26111

  • Peggy Campbell


    Brimfield Branch Manager
    309.446.3344 ext. 26100