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Term Loans and More for Your Business

As a community-based bank, we are committed to helping the businesses in our community grow and prosper. Whether you need business financing for daily operations or to fund growth and expansion, we have loans and programs that can help.

F&M Bank’s commercial lenders take the time to listen to your needs. That way, the commercial loan solutions we offer are customized to your business’ cash flow and budgetary needs.

Commercial Term Loans

Growing any business takes patience, a determined attitude and funding. F&M Bank’s commercial term loans offer financial assistance to business owners who are ready to take the next step forward in growth:

  • Available in fixed or variable rates
  • Payment schedules can be tailored to fit your business’ cash flow
  • Can be used to purchase capital assets or refinance existing commercial loans

Commercial Lines of Credit

If your business experiences peaks and valleys in your cash flow, a commercial line of credit from F&M Bank provides coverage for times when business is thin:

  • Revolving loan with pre-approved credit limits
  • Cover pre-paid expenses and working capital needs
  • Pay interest only on what you borrow
  • Variable interest rates available

Business Worryfree

Returned checks and overdrafts are embarrassing, especially when making purchases from other businesses. Business Worryfree acts as protection from overdrafts for your business checking account:

  • Revolving line of credit with pre-approved limits connected to your business checking account at F&M Bank
  • Funds are automatically transferred to cover any overdrafts and short-term cash needs
  • Your monthly payment is deducted from your checking account automatically

SBA Loans

SBA Loans provide small businesses the necessary funding to acquire the physical property, such as land, supplies, inventory and other things needed to start or expand your business.

If you are a small business owner looking to capitalize on a great business idea or expand your operation, get in touch with F&M Bank today to learn more about how SBA Loans could benefit you.

Contact an F&M Bank Commercial Lender to Get Started

Ready to start the conversation about your commercial loan needs? F&M Bank’s commercial lenders are ready to listen and help you find the best solution for you. Give them a call or stop by to see them today.


  • Mike Holloway
    J. Michael holloway

    Knox/Warren County President
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS# 742271
    Phone: 309-343-0002 ext. 20608

  • Trent D. Cox
    Trent D. Cox

    Vice President, Commercial
    Banking Manager
    NMLS# 571424
    Phone: 309-343-0002 ext. 20637

  • Brittney Shepherd
    Brittney Shepherd

    Business Banking Officer
    NMLS# 1116333
    Phone: 309-343-0002 ext. 20643

  • Thomas D. Schlink

    Peoria Market President
    NMLS# 1703872
    309-683-2881 ext. 23401

  •  Erick Mueller
    Erick Mueller

    Peoria Market
    Vice President
    Commercial Banking
    NMLS# 741372
    Phone: 309-683-3051