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Money Market, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Other Savings Accounts

When it comes to important life skills, being able to save money is one of the most important. It helps dictate your future success and is the mark of a person with an eye on their goals.

F&M Bank offers multiple ways to save via our personal savings accounts. Each savings account comes with its own benefits and features to fit your unique saving needs. Compare F&M Bank’s savings accounts to see which option best suits you.

Regular Savings

Start saving today! F&M Bank’s Regular Savings account is easy to open. Simply keep your balance above $200 to avoid a monthly fee.

Student Savings

The perfect savings account for kids under age 19. Student Savings helps your child or children learn the benefit of saving. This account requires no minimum deposit, minimum balance or monthly service charge and unlimited deposits.

Student Savings account information


Money Market

A great option for those who like to carry higher savings account balances. A Money Market account offers monthly compounding on tiered interest, as well as limited check writing and debit card access.

Money Market account information

Christmas Club Savings

Save for the holidays all year long! Christmas Club Savings allows you to contribute to your holiday spending money throughout the year, culminating in a lump sum payment right before the holidays.

Christmas Club Savings account information


Health Savings Account

Save specifically for medical expenses with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Combined with a high-deductible health plan, an HSA allows you to pay for qualifying medical expenses using a check or debit card.

Health Savings Account information


Open a Savings Account at F&M Bank Today

Simply stop by any F&M Bank location today to open a savings account with us.