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Mini-Millionaires Club- Instilling Good Financial Habits at a Young Age

A savings account just for kids age 12 years and under

The sooner kids can be exposed to money – what it is, how it is used, spending and saving – the sooner they can develop solid financial habits. F&M Bank helps kids in our communities get started by offering the Mini-Millionaires Club.

The Mini-Millionaires Club is a great way for you to get your child used to saving money, illustrating the difference between deposits and withdrawals and managing an account using an account register. Here’s how the club works:

  • The child is enrolled by their parent or guardian and a Student Savings account is opened, as it has no monthly fee or minimum balances for account holders under age 19.
  • A stuffed “Percy the Penguin” is included upon enrollment in the club along with a membership card and special savings account register.
  • Your child will begin receiving periodic newsletter filled with great tips about saving and managing money.
  • There is an annual Mini-Millionaires party, a fun event for all ages!
  • Upon reaching age 13, Mini-Millionaires members automatically graduate to our Teen Banking Club (coming soon-watch for details).

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Contact Denise Haptonstahl, Club Coordinator at F&M Bank

For more information about this program that will help your child learn financial habits they can use for life, contact Denise Haptonstahl at (309) 343-0002 ext. 20667 or stop by our 21 E. Main St. location today.