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We Highly Recommend This FREE App!

Protect your debit card.  Do it NOW, before the need arises! 


If you have an F&M Bank debit card, we highly recommend that you protect yourself from fraud by downloading and installing the free Brella™ app for your mobile device. It enables you to get alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect and report any unauthorized or fraudulent activity. 



This app is so good and so effective that many of our bankers use it themselves to monitor and protect their own cards!  


Receive e-mail alerts for:  

• Purchases exceeding the dollar limits you set

• Purchases made online or over the phone

• Suspicious or high-risk purchases 


What else can I do with Brella?

• Turn your debit card off and on

• Get real-time fraud alerts

• Check your account balance

• Find nearby ATMs

• Submit travel notices


Where can I get Brella?

Visit your app store and search for “SHAZAM® Brella” or “Brella Card Manager.” 


How much does it cost?

Brella is FREE! As always, message and data rates may apply depending on your wireless provider.


What is SHAZAM®?

Brella is powered by Iowa-based SHAZAM®, one of the region’s premier ATM network service providers and a trusted partner of our organization for many years. 


 SHAZAM® and BrellaTM are trademarks of ITS, Inc., Johnston, IA.