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Manage Your Finances Any Time, Anywhere with Online & Mobile Banking

Technology has given us so many great innovations. For those looking to make the most of their money, we offer Online Banking and Mobile Banking. These two services, along with Online Bill Pay and e-Statements give you total control over all aspects of your finances.

Online Banking:  24/7 Access to the Bank

Whether you are at home on your couch or sitting at your desk at work, Online Banking from F&M Bank gives you the account access you need to manage your finances, including:

  • Checking your account balances
  • Viewing past transactions
  • Transferring funds between your accounts
  • Making loans payments
  • Paying your bills
  • Viewing, printing or downloading your monthly e-Statements
  • Viewing and printing check images
  • Send and receive secure, encrypted email to and from F&M Bank

Mobile Banking:  Financial Management in the Palm of Your Hand

You wouldn’t want to carry your laptop around with you all the time just to access your F&M Bank accounts. We make it easy to access your accounts when you’re on the go with the power of Mobile Banking. 

  • Our FREE Mobile Banking App, available for Apple and Android Devices.  You get a full range of banking-on-the-go functionality such as reviewing your account balances, transferring funds, Bill Pay, P2P (Person To Person) electronic payments and Mobile Deposit of checks.

Bill Pay:  Quick and Easy Online Bill Payments

Online Bill Pay is a free, optional service that offers five beneficial features to help you pay your bills.  It’s available with both Online Banking and Mobile Banking.  You can:

  • Schedule immediate  and future payments
  • Create automatic, recurring payments
  • Easily add, edit or delete payee information at any time
  • Manage and track your bill pay history on a payee-by-payee basis
  • Access your e-bills through Online Bill Pay as you receive them

Just think: no more buying stamps and envelopes, mailing checks and waiting for them to clear. Get started with Online Bill Pay today by logging in to Online Banking and selecting the Bill Pay tab.


e-Statements: Your Monthly Bank Statements Accessed Online

If you want a better way to receive and organize your monthly bank statements, eStatements from F&M Bank is your solution. Here’s how it works:

  • You are notified by email when a new e-Statement is ready
  • You login to your Online Banking account to view the statement
  • If you like, you can print and also download and save your e-Statements

e-Statements are secured to prevent identity theft, and organized neatly for you online. They also mean we use less paper, making e-Statements good for the environment!

Contact us for details and get started today … we’ll be happy to assist you!